About The Ingredients for Brand Growth

The Ingredients for Brand Growth is an initiative from DVJ Insights, an award winning marketing research and analytics bureau that supports clients in realizing brand growth. The platform is made by and for marketers who want to engage themselves with brand growth. Together we are looking for what makes brands great.

The Ingredients for Brand Growth is composed of three elements: an event, a study and expert interviews.  All these elements bring together marketing practice and science

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Brand Growth Interviews

Marieke van Balen – PepsiCo

Marieke van Balen is one of the 3 Commercial Directors at PepsiCo Benelux. PepsiCo’s brand portfolio is divided in 3 categories: Snacks, Nutrition and Social Beverages; Marieke is responsible for[…]

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Remco Armee – Independer

Remco Armee is the e-Commerce Director at Independer and responsible for a broad range of tasks including marketing, business intelligence and data science, UX and product. Independer was launched in[…]

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Pijlman en van den Boogaard – EnergieDirect

Growing in a challenger market Realising brand growth as a challenger in the market can be difficult. You want to realise a constant growth and you want it to be[…]

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Brand Growth Event 2018

We look back on a great event. You can reminisce the event by checking out the photographs.

In case you missed it and would like to know more about the key takeaways from our speakers Les Binet, Peeter Verlegh and Lucas Hulsebos, please let us know (via contact form).

Photo gallery

Brand Growth Event 2018

On the 4th of October we’ll organize our second edition of the Brand Growth Event. Keynote Les Binet will join us together with some other great presenters on our theme of this year: MEDIA.

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The study

The second part of our search for growth is a comprehensive quantitative study on the developments in the field of marketing.  The emphasis is on brand growth among marketers.

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Expert interviews

Throughout the year multiple interviews were conducted with marketing and media managers.
All interviews will be aggregated to give a sublime recipe for growth.

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