About Brand Growth

About (Ingredients for) Brand Growth

Ingredients for Brand Growth is a platform for and made by marketers who want to engage themselves with brand growth. Together we are looking for what makes brands great. There are many publications concerning this topic, particularly by Byron Sharp. But does it actually work in practice? Why does or doesn’t this work? Ingredients for Brand Growth is a platform that wants to get insights and share the best and worst cases with other marketers.

Top Chef Sharp

Byron Sharp

Perhaps you already recognised him, Byron Sharp from the Ehrenberg Bass Institute. Many consider his work, How Brands Grow, as the recipe book for brand growth. But is that true? Do you employ it? Please let us know what you think about this! Or do you have a different guru or head chef that inspires you?

Last year's event

Congratulations for the Dutch marketer of the year: Vincent van den Boogert - ING

Vincent van den Boogert (ING) was recently chosen as marketer of the year by the Dutch marketing and communication platform Adformatie. As DVJ Insights interviews a lot of CMO’s like Vincent, we surprised him with a special Brand Growth cake. Congrats to Vincent!

Would you like to participate in our platform ‘Ingredients for Brand Growth’ and share your experiences in an interview as well, please contact DVJ Insights via the form on this page.

The interviews

Throughout the year multiple interviews are conducted with marketing and media managers. All interviews will be aggregated to a sublime recipe for growth. In addition, we organize our annual event about sharing the experiences of marketers to other marketers.


The second part of our search to growth is a comprehensive, quantitative study on the developments in the field of marketing with an emphasis on brand growth among marketers. The results will be published on this platform after the summer of 2018 and off course during our event in October.

Please join us now!

Are you a top marketing expert (with a minimum of 10 years of work experience) with a vision on growth? We are very curious to know more about your experiences! If we select you, you will receive a delicious wine with an added benefit of supporting charity! Please subscribe at the bottom of this page.

About us

‘Ingredients for Brand Growth’ is an initiative of DVJ Insights. DVJ Insights is a marketing research and analytics bureau that supports clients in realizing brand growth. This bureau is located in London and Utrecht (the Netherlands) and conducts many research on brand growth. The mediapartner of Ingredients for Brand Growth is Adfogroep, the main publisher in the area of media and communication in the Netherlands.


After the successful event in 2017, we again organize in 2018 a tasteful and high-end event at the Miele Experience Center in Vianen (the Netherlands). The date will be the 4th of October. If you’re interested, please leave your name and email below and we’ll keep you informed.

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